Today was a great day

Good things come to those who wait

Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up

I felt like a failure, because of school.

Society and teachers have put this idea in my head that if I fail maths or science etc., then I will never achieve what I want. Because we’re meant to go to school to get somewhere in the future and since they don’t give every talent an equal chance, I think I’ll fail in life. I want to be a photographer, so school should teach me photography, right. Do you understand what I mean? Someone put this idea in my head that if I fail maths, then I fail life. Basically.

 I didn’t want to just sit and overthink. I took my camera and tripod (finally found it behind the couch, never bothered to look there, ups) and went out. The good thing is that I live on the countryside. I felt like a professional. And I felt alive (cringey? I know). But instead of failing I felt like succeeding. Instead of taking a step in the wrong direction, I’ll take my camera and take two steps to the right one.

 ||And yes, I did have a photoshoot by myself||






12 thoughts on “Today was a great day

  1. I don’t think you are fail…I was horrible at math. my teacher told me: I’m not sure if you’ll ever be able to go to university (bcz of math exam there) but I did. And I finished and worked as a teacher of literature 9 years. Lol

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