Today was a great day

Good things come to those who wait

Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up

I felt like a failure, because of school.

Society and teachers have put this idea in my head that if I fail maths or science etc., then I will never achieve what I want. Because we’re meant to go to school to get somewhere in the future and since they don’t give every talent an equal chance, I think I’ll fail in life. I want to be a photographer, so school should teach me photography, right. Do you understand what I mean? Someone put this idea in my head that if I fail maths, then I fail life. Basically.

 I didn’t want to just sit and overthink. I took my camera and tripod (finally found it behind the couch, never bothered to look there, ups) and went out. The good thing is that I live on the countryside. I felt like a professional. And I felt alive (cringey? I know). But instead of failing I felt like succeeding. Instead of taking a step in the wrong direction, I’ll take my camera and take two steps to the right one.

 ||And yes, I did have a photoshoot by myself||





It’s 2k17


I actually spent the beginning of my new year differently than usual. Well usually it’s with my family, but this time me and my sister went to our friends house. And we went to the Freedom Square, where there was a concert and we welcomed the new year there. I, being the photographer that I am, took my camera and I think I got pretty amazing photos.

How did you welcome the new year???