||10.12.16|| – Tinted with color

Tallinns Old Town is featured a lot on my blog and it is also featured in this post. On Friday our history teacher was an angel and took us around the Old Town and gave us a guided tour. I didn’t realise how much of the Old Town I haven’t seen, at least I don’t remember everything. We walked along the beautiful gobbled streets and I wondered why I haven’t explored the Old Town, there are so many places worth photographing. So it is great to go on a guided tour even some place you live near, you’ve been there, but you might not know everything. 

 I had my camera with me on Friday, but I just wanted to listen. I thought that if I took my camera out, I wouldn’t really focus on what she was saying, so I kept my camera in my bag. But today I went back, took my camera and went to the places I wanted to see more. 


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