Enjoy the little moments

 When I see people travel the world, I obviously want that. But I can’t forget to enjoy the little moments. Like walking around the Old Town with my best friends taking photos and talking. Sure walking around the Old Town, where we’ve been a lot, isn’t the same as traveling the world, but it’s still special.



 In 2017 I will try to think less about going everywhere and seeing everything, and I will focus on and enjoy being around places that are familiar to me and enjoy being with my friends. Like going to a cafe and just talking or making outfits for each other in H&M. Sure we could be traveling the world, but we’ll get there.

 ||Marianna was also with us||

||Goodbye 2016||

Wait what, I saw my mom holding a new 2017 calendar. Is 2016 really over in a few days?! Everything just whizzed by, did I accidentaly push a fast forward button? I can’t believe we are already saying goodbye to 2016. This year was crazy, don’t you think, many highlights and challenges. So I feel like writing a recap of my 2016 for this blog and myself. Many of you probably don’t even care, but despite that I am going to sit here for a couple of hours or days and write a cringey post as usual. And by sitting here a couple of hours I mean looking for photos to recap my year, so don’t worry, since this is more of a photography blog, I will do the recap mainly in photos.

I don’t really remember what I did at the beginning of this year.. I was probably studying. Because guess what, this year I graduated elementary school!! Whaat?! I am really satisfied with my exam results. The graduation day was nerve racking, don’t know why, but it was. It was also a really good day.

I obviously can’t forget the family trip. Last year me and my family went to Prague and it is just one of the prettiest cities I’ve been to. So this year we went on this big road trip, where we visited some Europien countries and cities and Prague was one of ’em. It was actually the last one we went to I think. But all in all the road trip was amazing, but some challenges were thrown in.

I also did some traveling around Estonia which is something I want to do next year as well. I might live here, but I haven’t explored it enough.

Also went to Finland two times. Had lots of sleepovers with my favourite people. And lets not forget I started my photography lessons at Art School, which by the way I really enjoy. I actually want to add some photos that we recently took there, but I feel like that can be a post itself. I had loads of little memories that in actual fact for me are big memories.

This year I feel like I discovered a little part of me. I mean I have been into traveling for a long time and I have been taking photos basically forever, but this year I really found out what I am passionate about. I found out that I want to travel, really really travel and I want to have my camera with me everywhere I go.

In 2017 I want to focus on me. I feel like a lot of people have said that, but I want to do that as well. At least I want to try. I want to focus on being happy. I ain’t going to go on a long rant about what I mean by that, but I am going to focus on what I want to do and what makes me happy.


||10.12.16|| – Tinted with color

Tallinns Old Town is featured a lot on my blog and it is also featured in this post. On Friday our history teacher was an angel and took us around the Old Town and gave us a guided tour. I didn’t realise how much of the Old Town I haven’t seen, at least I don’t remember everything. We walked along the beautiful gobbled streets and I wondered why I haven’t explored the Old Town, there are so many places worth photographing. So it is great to go on a guided tour even some place you live near, you’ve been there, but you might not know everything. 

 I had my camera with me on Friday, but I just wanted to listen. I thought that if I took my camera out, I wouldn’t really focus on what she was saying, so I kept my camera in my bag. But today I went back, took my camera and went to the places I wanted to see more. 


Everybody is getting in the christmas spirit, and that includes my photos. Tallinn’s Old Town is so beautiful in the winter, not that it isn’t beautiful during other seasons, but winter and the Town Square mix well together. When they bring the christmas tree and set up the christmas market, it just feels so festive. And they sell cinnamon almonds everywhere. The decorations are out. Everything smells and looks amazing. It really gets you excited for the holidays. 

 They also put up the ice rink, which gets me really excited. I can’t ice skate well, but it doesn’t matter. I will go there anyway. 

 You can also meet Santa there. He has his own little hut there, and children can go and tell him what they want for christmas (in Estonian ‘jĂľuluvana’ means santa). 

 I’m not sure about this post. I think I just wanted to show you the christmas market and wish you all very Happy Holidays!