Cringe. Legit cringe. 

 I read through my last posts and I realised how cringe-worthy they were. The photos are alright, but I don’t have a way with words. But that’s me. I am not endowed with the ability to write fancy stuff. I ain’t lucky enough to have the gift of speech. I don’t realise that you can play with words, or use fancy words. I’m just going to carry on the way I am and if what I write is seriously awful, then don’t read it. 

 Not a smooth transition, haha, but I went to Finland for a day, with my dad and sister and my sisters classmate. It was my dads first time in Finland. He said that he never had any business to be there, so he never went. We visited Kiasma and The National Museum of Finland. We went shopping. We ate at Burger King and later went for pizza. The trip was actually really fun. We joked around and talked a lot. My dad is already planning our next trip to either Finland or Sweden. 

 Also I can’t take credit for all these photos, because my dad took some of them, but I don’t remember which ones.. alright maybe some are taken by my dad that I know of. But they are good. 


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