I just don’t know how to take photos at night. But with the help of editing I tried to make my photos look good. Don’t know if I made them look good or not. 

 Trying to blog during school is actually harder than I thought. I try to plan out when I should post something and then school gets in the way. I should be studying for my geography test tomorrow, but instead I’m writing this. Dedication. So I ain’t going to make any promises. I’ll just post if I have an idea, time and photos. 

 But seriously if someone reading this knows how to take photos in the dark, do let me know, it is something I want to learn sooner than later. I don’t know my camera well either. Btw the camera that I have is Pentax K-3, I think. 

 How is your life going? What do you like doing? Where are you from? Do any of you want to follow me on Instagram.. so then I know if I should make my account public.. haha?? 

 You know what I’m just going to insert my photos, because this post is random enough. Still trying to make my posts less.. what’s the word I’m looking for.. all over the place. Just now looking at these photos I realised how crap they are. But you know what I’m going to post them anyway, so all you pros out there can tell me what I can fix and do differently. 

 I realised how dark the photos were.. but maybe that was the theme I was going for. Dark. 


5 thoughts on “||14.11.16||

  1. photos look great to me, it already has some sort of style/theme. It’s not hard to be photographer but it is hard to stand out from the rest since we live in a digital world now. I recently registered for the photo academy so I hope to learn a lot in the future. It’s always difficult if there isn’t a lot of light, usually you bump up the ISO or you have a lens with an aperture of f1.4-f2.8 this brings in more light then an f5.6 aperture which results in a bit brighter photos at a decent shutter speed. In dark times like winter I often use the 50mm 1.8 lens. What people often forget when they start is that editing is also a part of photography in these days. 99% of the photos you see has been edited in Lightroom, photoshop or whatever. Like your photos, they are dark as you say (which is not bad!) but you can brighten it up if you edit the photos šŸ™‚ get yourself an editing software and try to look up tutorials on youtube! it helped me a lot šŸ™‚ Your pictures look sharp and great, Pentax is a wonderful brand šŸ™‚ About Instagram, people often don’t follow a person that has it’s profile on private, if it’s public it will attract more people because they can see your photos and are more likely to click that follow button šŸ™‚ but that is up to you of course. I know how hard it is keeping a blog up to date, I work 45 hours a week and am exhausted at the end of the week. Anyway great photos and theo only way to get better is practice, practice and practice. Take your camera to school and after school go walk around the neighbourhood and shoot some photos šŸ™‚

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    1. Wise words. Thank you!! I have lightroom and I am learning how to use it. I go to the Art School of Tallinn and I study photography there (its not like a real school, more like an after school hobby place.. haha). My photography teacher there is showing us how lightroom works. So I hope to get better. Haha that instagram question was so random but thank you for your advice. And omg I do that, I take my camera to school and after school me and my best friend go and take lots of photos!!!!!!!! Thank you again!!!!!

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      1. Good good!! and you’re welcome ^^ I use Lightroom all the time but If I want to mix photos and make something unrealistic then I go to photoshop of course hihi. I did some in photoshop with my own photos I shot here in The Netherlands (except the photos of the animals aren’t mine, I picked it of google). I tried blending them in as huge creatures in my own photos šŸ™‚ http://goingearthstyle.com/2016/11/04/creative-photography-photoshop-digital-art/

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      2. Yeah as far as I know my dad actually knows how to use lightroom, so I can ask him things if I don’t understand. But I am not good at photoshop, like at all. Don’t think I have ever properly photoshopped anything. The post is great (the link you sent).

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