Hello, hi, how are you all??

I am going to be straight up honest with you, I have no idea what to post. I haven’t had time to come up with ideas on what to post and I haven’t made plans to go anywhere to take photos. I am a very cultural person, at least I think I am. But I just have no plans. There aren’t any interesting events going on that I would like to go to, or at least there aren’t events that I know of. I find it really hard to come up with ideas when you are a 16 year old and you can’t travel alone, your parents won’t let you go anywhere and I don’t have the money to do these things, haha.

So please forgive me for my lack of creativity right now, but please enjoy this little phtoshoot that we did at our photography lesson yesterday. It is just us messing around. Oh, and since we are on the topic of photography lessons, let me tell you that they are great. I learn a lot, obviously, and when I know enough then I will share my knowledge with you. The teacher is good, he knows what he is talking about, and we can have a lol every now and then. So yeah, I really enjoy photography.

Since I am on all of these photos, so clearly they weren’t taken by me. Maybe Marianna took them. 


Cringe. Legit cringe. 

 I read through my last posts and I realised how cringe-worthy they were. The photos are alright, but I don’t have a way with words. But that’s me. I am not endowed with the ability to write fancy stuff. I ain’t lucky enough to have the gift of speech. I don’t realise that you can play with words, or use fancy words. I’m just going to carry on the way I am and if what I write is seriously awful, then don’t read it. 

 Not a smooth transition, haha, but I went to Finland for a day, with my dad and sister and my sisters classmate. It was my dads first time in Finland. He said that he never had any business to be there, so he never went. We visited Kiasma and The National Museum of Finland. We went shopping. We ate at Burger King and later went for pizza. The trip was actually really fun. We joked around and talked a lot. My dad is already planning our next trip to either Finland or Sweden. 

 Also I can’t take credit for all these photos, because my dad took some of them, but I don’t remember which ones.. alright maybe some are taken by my dad that I know of. But they are good. 


I just don’t know how to take photos at night. But with the help of editing I tried to make my photos look good. Don’t know if I made them look good or not. 

 Trying to blog during school is actually harder than I thought. I try to plan out when I should post something and then school gets in the way. I should be studying for my geography test tomorrow, but instead I’m writing this. Dedication. So I ain’t going to make any promises. I’ll just post if I have an idea, time and photos. 

 But seriously if someone reading this knows how to take photos in the dark, do let me know, it is something I want to learn sooner than later. I don’t know my camera well either. Btw the camera that I have is Pentax K-3, I think. 

 How is your life going? What do you like doing? Where are you from? Do any of you want to follow me on Instagram.. so then I know if I should make my account public.. haha?? 

 You know what I’m just going to insert my photos, because this post is random enough. Still trying to make my posts less.. what’s the word I’m looking for.. all over the place. Just now looking at these photos I realised how crap they are. But you know what I’m going to post them anyway, so all you pros out there can tell me what I can fix and do differently. 

 I realised how dark the photos were.. but maybe that was the theme I was going for. Dark. 


Photography and lifestyle are the main themes I want to focus on. Obviously I will post something else for a change. I feel like this is going to be a very random post, but I promise once I’m better at this blog thing I’ll try harder, not that I’m not trying now.

This week has been good and bad. Started off good when my best friend Marianna announced on Thuesday that she is coming back to our school. I have no idea why she left in the first place. She did the paperwork and started school on Friday. It just made me the happiest person!!!!

It started snowing on Wednesday I think. And because of the snow, me, my dad and my two sisters were in a car accident. It was horrible. I had to walk home 2km alone. And our car is now broken. That’s probably the reason I haven’t been active on my blog.

But now my head is cleared of the accident and I’m ready to start bloging more regularly. So I went walking around the Old Town with my sister and I took my camera with us. I tried to capture the beauty of Tallinns Old Town in the snow and want to share it with you. I also feel like this is exactly like Marianna‘s post.. sorry m8.

I’d also like to tell you about my titles. Like today’s posts title is 05.11.16, but I posted it on the 6th not on the 5th. But I took the photos on the 5th. I don’t know why I do it, but I just do.