Hello, My name is Marika, I’m sixteen years old and I live in Estonia. I feel like I should introduce myself.

I like food (I mean who doesn’t), I like spending time with my friends and family, I like laughing and I appreciate anyone who can make me laugh until my sides hurt.

I used to go to the Art School of Tallinn. I have made friends and memories, also met my best friend there.ย I also learnt photography there.ย I hope one day I will be good enough to pursue my dream.

When I was little I said that I wanted to study in France. When I grew a little older I didn’t want to go there as much, but recently I want to go there again to study photography (maybe because I read “Anna and the French Kiss” and it took place in France, and everything there seemed so inviting.. also I recommend reading that book, it was amazing). So basically if I can, I will go and study in France, and hopefully one day I will be living my dream and I’ll look back at this blog and realise that this was a step to the right direction.

Haha, also added some photosย I took on the 26th of October when I went to Finland, Helsinki at Kiasma (Museum of Contemporary Art).


      1. Well, it feels bleak now but when I do become a chartered accountant, my entire life will change.
        Actually, it is one of the most prestigious profession in India(where I live) and the world over too.


    1. You are all rookies plenty of time to change your job xD me on the other am 26, I work for 6 years now and just decided on going back to school, its never to late for anything ๐Ÿ™‚ some people find the right job at the age 50+

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